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Manhattan Beach Drivers Education for the State of California

Manhattan Beach Drivers Ed Wondering if is the right drivers education course for your teenager? Is your teenager involved with several activities? Does your teenager have large amounts of homework every night? Does your teenager make time to use the internet? Our online course was developed for all types of schedules. Your teenager can login anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We're also approved through the California DMV, so you can be sure that your teenager's drivers education requirement meets the proper standards for Manhattan Beach drivers.

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California Certificate of Completion California DMV Drivers Ed Completion Certificates DL400C 

Completing a drivers education course fulfills 2 necessities: learning the rules of the road and earning a certificate of completion. The certificate of completion (also known as the pink slip or DL400C) is a necessary requirement in order to take the multiple choice test with the Manhattan Beach DMV. Once the drivers education course is completed, it will be mailed directly to the student. If the student needs it quickly, then an arrangement for a FedEx deliver is available for an additional fee.

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Want to get the highest quality driver's ed in Manhattan Beach without leaving your home? Then we have the perfect course for you! At, get on-line driver's ed courses for any city in CA. That's right, we have Butte County driver's education, Alameda County drivers education, San Bernardino driving school courses, Ventura County drivers ed classes, drivers education for Marin County, and thousands of other counties throughout CA. When it comes to teen drivers ed, we've got California covered!

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Not all Manhattan Beach driving schools are alike. That means that not all California drivers education programs are approved by the California DMV or will teach your teen the correct rules of the road. is an exception. With and their partnership with Drivers Ed Direct, you can be sure that your teenager is receiving the proper drivers training for California.

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